Can’t Wait to Go Back to Jail

I came to Celebrate Recovery to fix my husband. I figured when CR started at my church it would give me the tools I needed to change him. Me? I didn’t need CR... I just needed my husband to act right and everything would be fine!

Things took a dramatic turn when he didn’t make the changes I expected. I began drinking to manage my frustration around his refusal to work the program. How insane is that? I hit my bottom almost 3 years ago when I was arrested for driving under the influence, assault with a vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon. Apparently I wasn’t fine!

I spent the night in jail and it was one of the most terrifying and humiliating experiences of my life. When I got out I began to truly work my own program learning that not only did I struggle with alcohol, but also codependency. I joined a step study and began serving. I am now a leader at our CR, I have 30 months of sobriety and I am in the process of taking Celebrate Recovery into our local women’s prison! God truly used one of my worst experiences to shape me into my best self... and He’s not done with me yet!”

I was born and raised in Brazil, I moved to Mexico when I was 16 to work as a model. At 18 I moved to Las Vegas, got married, and by 20 I was divorced and making a lot of money.

I was partying, hard with alcohol and cocaine until I hurt my knee at work and was prescribed pain pills. Soon I was spending $400 on pills daily... the more I got the more I needed. I was missing work and became unreliable. Nobody trusted me and I wasn’t making as much money so I turned to cheaper ways to cope, heroin!

I overdosed several times, the last time, I remember I was in my bathroom and woke up in an ambulance in front of my house. The paramedics were talking to me as I sat up on the bed. I felt like if I had just ran a marathon and was completely sober due to the life-saving Narcan that was administered. I just wanted to die for as long as I could remember I didn’t see any way out!

Despite the overdoses, I continued for years to get high, until I finally had “a moment of clarity” surrendering to God in a jail cell. It was through Celebrate Recovery on the Inside that I got connected to Celebrate Recovery on the outside which started a fire inside of me for recovery with a completely different outlook on my life and drive I never had before!

Today I have over 4 years of sobriety, I’m a leader at CR, and have an intimate relationship with Jesus that I wouldn’t trade for the world! I was a “lost cause” to many people, but nobody is too lost nor too far gone for God!