I was born in 1969, in Pittsburgh, Pa. My childhood was as perfect as any child could ask for. From the outside looking in we were the perfect, suburban family. Although everything looked good from the outside, I began to have feelings of insecurity, that I wasn’t good enough, and I didn't know how to cope. Around my sophomore year in high school my sister left for college, and I bounced around from friends houses to my Aunt and Uncles house with no direction. My father passed away from Pancreatic cancer in the summer before my freshman year of college, which left me feeling more lost than ever.

I ended up moving to West Palm Beach, Florida to go to college, but soon found myself spiraling out of control trapped in an addiction that almost took my life. Eventually, I was arrested on felony drug possession charges. I can still remember the look on the police officers face when I thanked him for arresting me. I was so tired, and just wanted the run to come to an end. I was 42 years old, broke, homeless, with a wife, who quite honestly I felt was done with me, and two small kids that I couldn't bear to see the disappointment in their faces.

When I got out I began to attend church, and one morning, when the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to surrender their life and ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior I stood straight up and ran to the cross. A couple years after turning my life over to God, I attended the Celebrate Recovery East Coast Summit and came back knowing I was supposed to launch a CR in our church. Today, as a CR leader, I am forever in awe when I get to witness God use me with the very thing that kept me away from Him. That is exactly why I tell anyone who will listen, that anything is possible with God!” Lee