“We came to Celebrate Recovery in the middle of a total crisis in our marriage. I could not control my drinking and my wife could no longer live the lie as the spouse of an alcoholic.

We attempted secular counseling four different times but we could not get past jockeying to place all the blame on each other. In December 2012, after realizing that our marriage had come to its end, my wife told me about Celebrate Recovery. I was all in, on New Year’s Eve, I poured every bottle down the drain, and I made the decision to quit drinking. I worked the steps, and, while sharing my inventory with my sponsor, I revealed the secret that was destroying my will to live. My sponsor and I prayed for God’s perfect timing to tell my wife I’d been unfaithful. We prayed God would prepare her heart for my amends. I held onto 3 John 1:4... “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

Sharing this secret with my wife was heartbreaking, but God is faithful and the truth did indeed set us free! Two and a half years later we stepped out in faith and became Celebrate Recovery ministry leaders in Salem, WV at Horizons Church. I am blessed to serve the Lord with all of my heart with my beautiful wife by my side.

We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary this spring, and I have five and a half years sober. God gave us the tools through Celebrate Recovery, to stop blaming the other and focus on our part in our broken marriage. We can now admit when we’re wrong and promptly make amends.

God is not done with us yet, and I pray you do not give up until the miracle happens in your life!”
Ben and Christy!