I was born and raised in Brazil, I moved to Mexico when I was 16 to work as a model. At 18 I moved to Las Vegas, got married, and by 20 I was divorced and making a lot of money.

I was partying, hard with alcohol and cocaine until I hurt my knee at work and was prescribed pain pills. Soon I was spending $400 on pills daily... the more I got the more I needed. I was missing work and became unreliable. Nobody trusted me and I wasn’t making as much money so I turned to cheaper ways to cope, heroin!

I overdosed several times, the last time, I remember I was in my bathroom and woke up in an ambulance in front of my house. The paramedics were talking to me as I sat up on the bed. I felt like if I had just ran a marathon and was completely sober due to the life-saving Narcan that was administered. I just wanted to die for as long as I could remember I didn’t see any way out!

Despite the overdoses, I continued for years to get high, until I finally had “a moment of clarity” surrendering to God in a jail cell. It was through Celebrate Recovery on the Inside that I got connected to Celebrate Recovery on the outside which started a fire inside of me for recovery with a completely different outlook on my life and drive I never had before!

Today I have over 4 years of sobriety, I’m a leader at CR, and have an intimate relationship with Jesus that I wouldn’t trade for the world! I was a “lost cause” to many people, but nobody is too lost nor too far gone for God!