Helping people who are living with mental illness find freedom.

Here are some common questions we have heard from people in ministry as it relates to mental health.

How can I stop the stigma of mental illness? What does it look like to have mental illness? How do I know if I have a mental illness? Where can I find support for mental illness? What does mental illness mean to me if I am a Christian? How do I support someone with mental illness? What is the church's role in mental health? How do mental health and the church connect? What does mental health look like in the church? How can my church help with suicide prevention?

Help break the stigma that surrounds mental health issues in the church.
We desire to help the Church rethink mental illness and how it effects those coming into our congregations across the world. We hope to bring a greater mental illness awareness to our churches and in turn equip them with the tools to meet our friends in this struggle. We believe that the Church is one of the greatest and most effective partners in providing mental health services with the love of Christ. It is our belief that mental health struggles are not a flaw in character and it is not a sin to be sick. With this in mind, we hope to shed light on the realities of the biological make-up of the brain. In the same way, we desire to help to end stigma associated with this issue.

Provide a safe and supportive environment for people to openly discuss their mental health struggles as one of life’s hurts, hang-ups & habits.
It is our belief that a person is not defined by their hurts, hang-ups or habits or their diagnosis. All that enter a Celebrate Recovery gathering are defined by their one true higher power, Jesus Christ. Our goal is that participants feel no shame, but instead find freedom within this recovery community.

Offer support and resources for those who want to live in recovery as it relates to a mental health issue by equipping Celebrate Recovery leaders to offer the support and resources best suited to their individual Celebrate Recovery. Sometimes a mental health issue is temporary and requires short term support.
Sometimes the struggle can be life-long. Just because a mental health issue doesn’t necessarily go away doesn’t mean a person cannot live a life filled with meaning and purpose. In both instances, we want to be a safe place for people to reach out to others for help and find outside resources that best meets their individual needs. Our desire is to walk alongside the person in their journey while recognizing the most important words in recovery are, “You are not alone.”

The Mental Health Initiative began in 2016 as a way to better address mental health within the Celebrate Recovery ministry and to make sure that our meeting nights are a safe place for people who want to explore what recovery looks like for them in this area.

Celebrate Recovery does not employ counselors, therapists or any other kind of clinical treatment practitioners. Celebrate Recovery will never claim to cure any mental health issue and is not meant to be a substitute for clinical treatments or any type of therapy. We do not have separate mental health groups. What we do strive to offer is a safe place which is a vital part of the recovery process.