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What an incredible time to be in ministry. Being a part of celebrate recovery during the pandemic the past year has presented some of the greatest challenges for all of us. So many things out of our control. As a global ministry, we adapted and moved online to increase our reach when we were unable to meet in person. As the country begins to open up now, we have to think strategically on how we go from online to in-person. In this breakout session you will hear from three ministry leaders from across the country and learn how they have approached this new season as we were return in person meetings. Don’t miss this informative session for you and your team.


Do you want to help break the stigma? Is your Celebrate Recovery a safe place for those struggling with mental health challenges? Do you want to learn how to become or grow a Mental Health Champion team and implement this ministry into your local CR? If yes, you will not want to miss this break-out session!


The Covid 19 lock-down of the nation’s prisons and jails is ending and there is a hunger for God’s Word and revival! The CRI Prison Ministry Breakout will introduce you to the relationships and resources for beginning a prison or jail ministry. We’ll also talk about how to receive CR participants returning from prison and how to do outreach to the families of the incarcerated. Come meet the CR Inside State Reps who would love to answer your questions and help you begin your local ministry. You will also hear from experienced prison ministries such as Prison Fellowship who have current opportunities to serve in prison ministry. Join us during the 2021 Celebrate Recovery Summit and be a part of the coming prison revival!



In this breakout, you'll hear from panelists about all things Codependency. What does it look like, feel like, and act like in our lives? What triggers our Codependency and how do we work through those triggers? How is Codependency different than Christian service? We'll discuss this and more in an open and honest discussion that will help you navigate this difficult and confusing compulsion in your recovery journey.


Like other “emotion based” character defects, anger, when expressed the way God intended, can be beneficial. However, for many of us, re-learning to express anger in healthy ways can be a struggle. It may even feel like a never-ending cycle of frustration, disappointment and relapse. Victory over unhealthy anger depends on four key qualities.

  1. Uncovering the source of our anger and what triggers it.
  2. Defining what individual sobriety for us looks like.
  3. Establishing real accountability.
  4. Learning to set healthy boundaries for ourselves and those around us

Breakout participants will hear from our panel of CR leaders with multiple points of view and varied life experiences. We will share our personal struggles, victories and hope in a relaxed, conversational style with plenty of audience participation.


Six Keys to Making the Vision of Celebration Place a Reality- Whether a Celebration Place ministry is just beginning, or has been up and running for a while, vibrant Celebration Place ministries have 6 things in common.

Together we will explore how:

  • Volunteers make all the difference.
  • Innovation sparks excitement & encourages growth
  • Submission to Jesus, the church & the model ensures a solid foundation for the long haul.
  • Inclusiveness opens the door for adults & children, alike, to share their gifts and talents.
  • Overcoming common challenges together builds connection.
  • Newcomers breathe life into our ministries. Focus on the Newcomer is essential to growth.

Roy T Bennet said, “Great Leaders Create More Leaders-Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders create more leaders, not followers. Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.” Join us as we talk about this VISION and how you can make it your own.



4th Step Inventory: It's time for some inventory work! In this breakout, gain tools, insights, and understanding to working on your inventory through examples discussed and worked through on a whiteboard "sample inventory sheet." You'll walk away with a greater understanding of each column on the worksheet, the different types of information that is entered in each column, how each column is connected to the prior column, and how all of this information helps you break free from your hurts, hang-ups, and habits.


Broken Chains JC, we are a fellowship of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, who have found hope and healing in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery, helping others to realize that change is possible!

We live in a world filled with hopelessness and despair, now more than ever. Broken Chains JC are an Army of Hope Dealers.

In our breakout session you'll learn:

  • How we started
  • How to become a member
  • What's expected of a member
  • How wearing the vest and patch work How to be a Hope Dealer

And you don't have to ride a motorcycle to be a member.....just so you know!

"Celebrate Recovery in the wind


It is often said, “Recovery is for everyone!” It should be also added, “Recovery is for Pastors too!” But, can a pastor really get involved in a Step Study? Can a pastor feel safe in doing so? The CPR session will provide some “how-to’s” and lots of encouragement.




How do we struggle well with food issues? Whether we over eat or don’t eat enough, this can be a very real struggle for so many people. We may have believed the lie that our bodies define who we are, and that changing our body image to fit an imagined standard would bring fulfillment, peace and acceptance into our chaotic lives. We may have jeopardized our relationships, health, jobs, morals, and values to ensure we meet these imagined standards. We may have jeopardized our relationships, health, jobs, morals, and values to ensure we meet these imagined standards. We may constantly diet, eat in secret, exercise excessively, struggle with body image and more.

If you would like to learn more about this common struggle of food issues, you don’t want to miss this breakout session. Our leaders in this session will unpack this important topic to help equip you and your team toward health and recovery. Don’t miss this informative and life changing breakout session at this year’s Summit.


Addressing the mental health pandemic within the COVID-19 pandemic. How Celebrate Recovery + Jesus can help lift the burdens of mental health challenges.


If are you a pastor’s wife or a pastor (female) and are interested in getting into recovery but are maybe a little hesitant, then this breakout session is for you. Please join Jeni Baker, Mary Owen, and Irene Rollins as they share some of their experiences in recovery as a Pastor or Pastor’s wife. This breakout session will include some How-to’s as well as lots of encouragement. Recovery truly is for everyone



Cultural Communities/Native Nations


In ministry we can feel like we are all alone at times. It’s so refreshing to know that we have people willing to become our advocate, encourager, and guide through the ups and downs of ministry.

In this breakout session you will have the opportunity to meet a group of people here to serve you in these and more ways. You will have full access and attention from our valuable state representatives from across the country. This will be a time to ask questions and hear from experienced Reps directly on best practices and ways to grow your ministry healthy. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet your state rep face to face during the session.


Welcome Home is simply an Open Share Group for veterans led by veterans. It really is that simple. But we’ve learned a lot over the past five years that could help you in starting and sustaining a Welcome Home group and we will talk about all of them at our workshop.




When I told God I would go anywhere, I just knew He would send me to Timbuktu in Mali, Africa!
Meet our panel of seasoned travelers to many countries around the world carrying the Celebrate Recovery message of “Let the Nations Be Healed”.
What is God’s Mission for you and how would you know He is calling you into it. Although it sounds a bit scary, the safest place we could ever be is in God’s will.


In order to have a strong, safe, Celebrate Recovery we need to make sure we start off on, and stay on, the right foot. By focusing on things like the DNA, the Seven Keys and the Small Group Guidelines, we can make sure we offer a safe place for people to work on their hurts, hang-ups or habits. Join Johnny and Jeni Baker and Rodney Holmstrom as they go over the guidelines, why they are important and how to implement them in your groups.


How much pain and shame could have been avoided if we had the tools of CR when we were a teenager? What would our lives have looked like if someone let us know that it was ok not to be ok and gave us a place to be real? The Landing – the student ministry for Celebrate Recovery - provides an opportunity for us to speak into the lives of students as they process through pain and hurt in a safe place during the most formative years of their lives. This breakout session will walk through the vision, value, and structure of the Landing, including the benefit a Landing can have on your local Celebrate Recovery. It will also help answer some key questions that arise as for Landings as they are starting up and questions that come up for long-running Landings. This is a great option to equip your current Landing teams, educate adult CR leaders, and be encouraged that the message of Celebrate Recovery can change the life of any person, at any age.