Celebrate Recovery® Native Nations is the initiative of Celebrate Recovery® to the Native American Nations.

The mission of CR Native Nations is to bring the gospel to the over 500 sovereign peoples within the borders of the United States, who are faced with staggering rates of alcoholism, abuse, poverty, and suicide. In that darkness we see a profound opportunity to walk as the light of the world and share the gospel of Jesus through the gift of recovery and see a generation transformed.

Celebrate Recovery® encourages fellowship and celebrates Christ's healing power in the lives of people as they work their way along the road to recovery. Lives are changed as experiences, strengths, and hopes are shared with one another. In addition, individuals become willing to accept God's grace and forgiveness in solving life's problems.

Many anonymous programs provide help for a single issue: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, overeating, etc. Celebrate Recovery® deals with the whole person, every kind of issue that keeps people from being who God created them to be. One may have an alcohol and drug addiction as well as struggle with sexual addiction, difficulty in overcoming a history of physical or sexual abuse, or anger and co-dependency issues, all at the same time. By working though the principles, participants grow spiritually, and are freed from their hurts, hang-ups, and addictive habits. This freedom creates peace, serenity joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with others and the personal, loving and forgiving Higher Power, Jesus Christ. Celebrate Recovery® Native Nations is a missional community based ministry. Our hope and intent is to foster the development of Celebrate Recovery ministries within the Native Nations led by Native Americans.

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