Our regional seminars give Celebrate Recovery leaders and volunteers a chance to gather together for training as we offer the Seven Keys of Celebrate Recovery & Advanced Leadership Training seminar tracks. To decide which track, 7 Keys or ALT, is best for you click here.


One-Day Seminars 2015

Dayton, OH - March 21, 2015 

Duluth, MN - April 25, 2015

Denver, CO - May 2, 2015

Dallas, TX - May 16, 2015




Seven Keys of Celebrate Recovery:
If you have not previously attended a One-Day Seminar or the Celebrate Recovery Summit at Saddleback Church, even if you have been up and running for six months or longer, this seminar is for you.  Pastors and lay ministers interested in reaching out to their congregations and communities are invited to attend this special One-Day Regional Seminar to learn more.

During this event, you will hear an overview of the program from founder John Baker and his wife, Cheryl. Their testimony will show the power of God’s healing hand and how it led to the birth of a recovery movement. You will learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid as you start your ministry, gleaning from their 20 years of experience.

New leaders are encouraged to attend the One-Day Seminar to learn the basics. Experienced leaders can go deeper into the dynamics of Celebrate Recovery by attending the Advanced Leadership Training Seminar.

Advanced Leadership Training:
This event is for those who have already attended a One-Day Seminar or the Celebrate Recovery Summit at Saddleback Church. The Advanced Leadership Training Seminar will run concurrently with The Seven Keys of Celebrate Recovery Seminar to provide a great experience for your Celebrate Recovery leadership team.  While your new leaders are attending the One- Day Seminar to learn the basics, join your experienced leaders and go deeper into Celebrate Recovery dynamics and training.

During this one day event John Baker and the National Training Team will help you navigate through, and optimally utilize, the Advanced Leadership Training Guide, containing 20 years of training developed especially for Celebrate Recovery.  You’ll gain the knowledge and skill to take a first time attendee along the path from active participant, leadership, and, ultimately, to become a valued T.E.A.M. member.