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Why Should I attend

Why should I attend a National Training Conference?

In ministry we have the incredible blessing to serve others in our Church and community. These people may be struggling with big struggles of hurt, fear, anger, anxiety, control issues, family chaos, addictions and more.

In ministry we can get tired, discouraged, off track or maybe even find ourselves losing our passion for ministry as a whole. We have an incredible tool in CR to help you become equipped to help those in your Church body in an effective way. Even better, we have National One Day Training’s to help train and equip you and your team on how to lead this incredible ministry of Celebrate Recovery.

Thousands of people across the globe who have attended our National One Day Trainings have expressed a great appreciation for the trainings. Why? Because they give us a place to hit the pause button in our “to-do” list and join others in sharpening our own saw. 

Attending the One Day trainings reminds us that we are not alone and that we have a partner in ministry. Learning how to start and run a CR ministry in your church while gaining an army of family to walk alongside us in the journey is truly priceless. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, “Two are better than one and a three-fold cord is not easily broken.” Our human nature is to keep our head down and try to muddle our way through life’s ministry problems.

But what if you had a better way? The National One Day Training’s provide you and your church with two great tracks to grow and learn from.

The First Steps - This training track is a wonderful way to learn how to start your Celebrate Recovery ministry in a healthy and smart way. The trainings equip you and thousands of others with the tools to effectively minister to your community in a proven, Christ centered and biblical way. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, Celebrate Recovery is a proven effective ministry that can and will help you and your community toward healing in Jesus Christ.

Here are just some of the things we will highlight in this knowledge packed day of training:

Leadership Training: How to develop your TEAM.
Senior Pastor Support: Build a reciprocal supporting relations with your senior pastor.
Curriculum: Use the CR tools so you can spend more time with your people.
Worship: Make your worship a celebration.
New Groups: Start your new Celebrate Recovery and keep it growing.
Fellowship: Provide a place for people to connect.
Outreach: Reach your community.


The Next Steps - This track is essential for up and running ministries to be reminded that they are not alone. The community, fellowship and wonderful training not only grows the individual that is in attendance, but the whole ministry that awaits their return. Attendees to our trainings come back home on fire for ministry. This encouragement is contagious and spreads throughout the entire ministry team at your church.

Prevent Leadership Burnout
Strategic Planning
The Journey Continues
Family Impact

Leave encouraged, equipped, trained and confident to grow your ministry strong.



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One-Day Policy

FOR MORE INFORMATION call 888-491-9805 or e-mail registration@saddleback.com

CHILDCARE: SORRY, WE CANNOT PROVIDE CHILD CARE. families are important to us however because this is a training event, children and infants are not permitted in any of the sessions.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to costs we incur when you register, each cancelled registration will be charged a processing fee of $25 per person. Refunds will be honored up to one week prior to an event.

No recording of any kind allowed at One-Day Seminars.

TUITION: All rates are per person and in U.S. funds. Groups must be submitted together to qualify for the group rate. Housing, travel, transportation, and food costs are not included unless otherwise noted. All conference attendees must be 18 and over to attend Celebrate Recovery One-Day Conferences.