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Sunday, 06 July 2014
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CR Fellowship Events & Ideas

  • End of Summer Picnics, “CR in the Park” with a jumping house for the kids, horseshoes, face painting, softball game, & of course hamburgers & hot dogs on the grill, etc.
  • Cookouts, church or elsewhere
  • Potlucks
  • Fiesta Friday’s
  • Holiday Celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.
  • Super Bowl party with the idea of testimony half time
  • Game nights- monthly, quarterly; wii, board
  • Movie nights
  • Field trips to other CR’s
  • Bowling nights
  • Roller skating nights
  • Skits done by CR for the surrounding churches
  • People Bingo
  • CR Family Campout at a Christian Campground
  • Zip line
  • Beach/Lake party
  • Ladies night out
  • Joint men’s/women’s retreats with the church
  • Ladies jewelry swap
  • Chili cook-off competitions
  • Honor our kitchen staff, give them the month off and do potluck. So the first sun in august, we cook slow roasted meat and have a really good Picnic, but all kitchen staff are served at the table, given corsages, we serve them that night. Then we do minute to win it games, I even download the blueprint's that NBC uses, and we do music with them, like fight of the bumblebee. It's a ton of fun!
  • Christian Comedian followed by a fellowship finger food.
  • CR music groups/concerts
  • “Minute to Win It” game night – See Mary Owen’s FB photo album

  • Kickball game
  • Go to apple farm and do a corn maze, a hay ride, and pick pumpkins. Then go to a leader's house to carve our pumpkins, eat Smores, play games, and have a bonfire.
  • Fundraiser and outreach events like  10k’s and handing out CR stickered water bottles
  • “Stuff It All In” game

Someone asked for more details on this fun game you can play at your leader's meeting called, "Stuff It All In".

Buy a cheap plastic shower liner to throw away ($2), have a table with 2 empty 2-liter bottles sitting on top, 1 brown paper lunch sack for each person with a food item, something different in each sack like banana, 2 raw eggs, soft peach, Twinkie, Oreos, sliced cheese, orange, bell pepper, jumbo marshmallows, tomato. For example if you have 20 people, have 10 sacks with 1 different food in each sack, then 10 more sacks for the other team with the same combination. (Will need Wet-Ones on hand for afterwards.)

Instructions: Divide into 2 teams. Each person grabs a sack. Have a relay race. Each person on team much stuff their item inside the 2 liter bottle. Winning team gets all their items in the bottle first.

Point: How hard is it to cram everything in we need to do? Things get messy. We need time to rest & rejuvenate. Another point could be, when we try to do everything ourselves, it gets frustrating & chaotic at times. Looking to God for strength & wisdom, a team working together, & having volunteers to share the responsibilities brings more order to our lives. Or another way you could go is, "What feelings am I stuffing down & not addressing?" It won't be hidden for long because what goes in the heart comes out of the mouth eventually. We need to empty ourselves so God can fill us up.

You could go take any of these thoughts or another you may think of to make an object lesson out of this fun game.

Pictures of the South Central region State Reps playing this game in Forney, TX in one of my FB photo albums. We had so much fun! Winning team gets all their items in the bottle first.See pictures & details here:<

**More ideas compiled from E Central Facebook Page