The Journey BEGINS

(previously known as the  Seven Keys of Celebrate Recovery)

If you have not previously attended a One-Day Seminar or a Celebrate Recovery East/West Summit, even if you have been up and running for six months or longer, this seminar is for you.  Pastors and lay ministers interested in reaching out to their congregations and communities are invited to attend this special One-Day Regional Seminar to learn more.

  • Leadership Training: How to develop your TEAM.
  • Senior Pastor Support: Build a reciprocal supporting relations with your senior pastor.
  • Curriculum: Use the CR tools so you can spend more time with your people.
  • Worship: Make your worship a celebration.
  • New Groups: Start your new Celebrate Recovery and keep it growing.
  • Fellowship: Provide a place for people to connect.
  • Outreach: Reach your community. 


This event is for those who have already attended a One-Day Seminar or a Celebrate Recovery East/West Summit.  While your new leaders are attending the One-Day Seminar to learn the basics, join your experienced leaders and go deeper into Celebrate Recovery dynamics and training.

  • DNA vs. Best Practives: What is non-negotiable and what works best for your local Celebrate Recovery.
  • Seasons in Ministry: Navigate through the changing seasons of ministry.
  • Maintaining Momentum: Build a healthy ministry that will last and grow.
  • Conflict Resolution: Learn to handle conflict in your Celebrate Recovery in a godly way. 


Celebration Place and The Landing  - Want to learn about the Celebration Place and/or the Landing? oin us for a luncheon to gather information, and fellowship with other leaders.